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In recent years, smartwatches have grown in popularity as more of these devices’ functions enable them to serve as more than just a wristwatch. These wearable gadgets, which essentially function as a miniature computer worn on the wrist, let you keep in touch and access critical information without having to take out your phone. We are approaching a new era of wearable technology as a result of the advent of smartwatches.


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This fitness smart watch is perfect if you want to track every aspect of your workout and want touchscreen. The touch screen is very readable for aging eyes and in color
Richard Jett
The battery life is very much as advertised. GPS and music playing consume a lot battery, so when I'm running 3-4 days/week I usually end up charging roughly every 3 days.great product.
The battery and price were my main reasons for choosing this watch. It connects perfectly to my cheap bluetooth ear buds and so far stays connected. great smart watch value with a long list of useful features.

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